Friday, 2 November 2012

Zbrush Day 20- Very Hard

I was exploring texturing with materials today and I found a material that I could use for my model. Before that i changed my models head a little bit to make it look more dynamic. Other than that I didn't change anything.

 I worked on the reflecting the metal materials. The previous texturing i did, was not right so I filled the model first with this blue colour then worked on the reflecting metal parts of the model.

 To do this I used MRGB mode on of zbrush and I used freehand stroke with out a alpha because I wanted to make it precise.

 I went over the whole model trying to get all of the parts of the model but I didn't look the way I wanted it to look. Maybe the colour I was using was just not right for this.

I was thinking to go over the darker parts of the model with a different shade of colour to make the metal parts stand out more.

The black is for the carbon fibre placement, still under work.

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