Sunday, 28 October 2012

Zbrush Day 15- Redesign Again...

I didn't like the previous design either so I basically started again because I was not achieving the look I wanted for the model, I started with the leg this time and on the right side so I can easily mirror it over to the other side using the Subtool master. 

Here is a close up of the leg and i achieved a very nice hard edge look for the model and it looks very appealing and perfect through my eyes, I started with clay tubes as you can see on the undone side of the leg, that was the leg before I started. Using hpolish and trim dynamic and clay tubes I done the whole leg.

I didn't modify the back of the character because I liked it and I kept it. 

I got rid of the chest because it was way too simple and didn't look right, the chest I have here is just for me to know that I got to modify and work on it. I am also going to remake the arms of the model because they just didn't look like what I wanted them to look like. I used Clay build-up to reset the detail and i will use clay tubes and hpolish to get the detail back which I want.

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