Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Zbrush Day 17- Lots of Work

Time-Lapse of the work I did on the arms.

Time-lapse of the work I did on the chest.

Time-lapse of the work on the hands.

I worked on the hands today refining them and make them better by using the Dam_Standard brush and clay tubes. I wanted to add more detail to the hands like the reference material but I didn't get round to doing so because I had to move on and complete the sculpt because the deadline was closing in.

I also refined the arms and the shoulders using the hpolish and the clay tubes because of the square alpha attached to with the brush which helps me achieve the hard edges.

I also progressed on making the chest today and using the clay build-up and clay tubes I nailed down the main shape. Then using the dam standard brush and the hpolish I got the shape and sculpture perfectly the way I wanted it.

I pretty much had most of the model completed at this point but the edges weren't as straight as I wanted them to be. Still I moved on and worked on fixing some of the parts which didn't look right.
 This is the back of the legs which I got to mirror using the Subtool master which is a great plugin it saved me a lot of time and it also made my work easier because I could really get into the spaces which are hard to see.

This is the front of the model and I completed the boots and the other uncompleted parts of the model and I also gave it the hard edge look by using the hpolish.

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