Monday, 29 October 2012

Zbrush Day 16- Handy Work

 Today I worked on the arms which I am very pleased with because I got the hard edge look that I wanted and the size of the arm and hand look perfect.I did get some difficulties making the arms because i had to size them perfectly right.

 This is a back view of the arm that i worked on today. Using the Dam_Standard brush,clay tubes and hpolish  I achieved this hard edged look which I wanted.  

To make a hand out of dynamesh was very hard and challenging because I had to use a lot of the move and inflate brush to get the shape and the size right. Also using reference from the image on the right which is a very detailed hand and it looks amazing, because the hand is more human like and is also mechanical at the same time was very good for me to look at and use.

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