Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Refining Design of Character

Today I focused on getting more design work and a better refined picture of my character so I can get a perspective of the character I want to make in Zbrush it'll also make it easier for me to make my physical model because the more designs I have the better understanding of my character I would have.

I started with designing new helmet designs today so I can have more variety to choose from for my final. This helmet is fully covered and it looks very good although it’s hard to tell where the eyes are. I would take this design further and maybe add on from that.

This is like a mech type of design because under the eye section is real flesh with the mouth, this design is good but I wouldn't take it further.

I thought about a gas mask concept because of the last project where I needed to make the character immune to viral attacks.

This design I made from the top of my head using the first and the second design I made a hybrid of them both because I liked them both a lot.

This is a full view of my design, it’s at a very early stage still in development and I was thinking of doing my whole model hard edged because of the clean look it gives off at the end. I made a new helmet for this design which looks very alike the iron mans helmet which was not intended I might change this look in more finer designs.

This the second design, I liked the chest of this character because of the flow of the lines, after making this design I thought of merging these two designs for tomorrow because of the flow of the lines in this design and the arms and the legs of the other design. This way I can come up with a lot better design. After making all these drawings I thought of making my character more alien like and less human like but still keeping in mind the human anatomy and structure.

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