Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Mood Board!

I gathered up a lot of images which I think are very relevant to what I might be making in this project. The images I gathered are mainly all hard surfaced work but I also got reference of the human muscle anatomy and structure. Some of the images I got; I liked a lot and they are something that I want my final model to look like, although they're produced by professionals but I want to set my standards high so I can achieve high.

I like the above image a lot because the hard edges made a very crisp and this is like something I want to achieve. The detail is very appealing as well and flows with the model really well.

The above image just requires not other talk apart from awesome detail its projecting just for the helmet. This is a great inspirational work and I really want to achieve something near this standard. 

Above is a another great example of professional hard surface work that has enormous amount of detail. This model is also a great inspiration for my work.

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