Thursday, 4 October 2012

More Designs!


This is my character in a position, this image is my front view but it shows the legs and body at an angle so I can get a better perspective of the character. I wanted the whole of my character to be hard edged and robotic type, I want the edges to flow so it looks like the characters armour is all flowing with the other armour pieces.


This is the back of the character and it shows how I want the back to look like, to make the character I looked at anatomy images which show where the muscles go; using them I made the muscles into a hard edged suit which is skin tight.

This is the side view of the character I had some difficulties with the helmet because the helmet I drew in the front view was contradicting a little bit of how the eye shields were placed.

I redesigned of the armour; so i can get some variation between the designs.

This is a another design i made i had time shift main character in mind when i was making this design.

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