Saturday, 10 November 2012

Zbrush Day 26- Uber Charge

This is the custom interface I was using for my project, I customised it very slightly focusing on getting the tools and brushes closer to me which I need the most. Like the hpolish and clay tubes I have switch around with a lot it saves a lot of time having the dynamesh resolution and blur very close by.

Above is a video of me doing the extracting and using some alphas to improve my work.

Above is some of the work I did after finishing the whole of my model because i didn't work on the model without creating the typology and the uv's etc.  I did this by extracting which i learnt right at the start of the project.

Using alphas on top of alphas i made this, using drag rectangle and positioning it where i want it was very useful. 

Repeating the alphas as you can see from the back made the character's back look a lot more dynamic. 

I didn't include this in my final model because I never got around uving and retopolgising it but for future project I will do this. 

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