Thursday, 8 November 2012

Zbrush Day 26- Finished

This is the final render of the model with the matcap white material applied to show the sculptural detail of the model.

Here is how i created the UV's for my model, its a process showing how i done it but it doesn't show the full process because it takes too long. The time-lapse video did not record the part where I show the flattened version of the mesh. So I have some images of the different maps I made.

 Above is the normal map for my model.
Above is a texture map of the model that zbrush gave which I was very disappointed with because it didn't display properly in maya.

Above is the displacement map for my model

This is the ambient occlusion map for my model which got a little distorted.

This is the uv map of my model which I made using UV master plugin in zbrush. I don't know if the results of this uv is good or bad but it works. 

I did some renders of my work in maya 

These renders are made my using just the normal map on the low res version of the model. The results are very good.

Although there is some distortions but maybe something in the settings is wrong which I don't really know about.

 This is the model in Maya rendered with metal ray , I added the maps that i got from zbrush but i don't think they all worked.

Above is the shader network of the model I made for it using the normal, ambient occlusion and texture map .

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